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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Jan 22, 2009

Rob was invited to join a group of gaming podcasters called "The Bad Boys of Podcasting"! From time to time the BBoP will be recording special projects for your enjoyment. This is our first project. WARNING: This podcast contains very explicit language is not recommended for anybody. Ever.

The Bad Boys of Podcasting's first project is here and tackles a very important issue that we’ve all been affected by.

Josh is an asshole.

Peer into the inner depths of each of the following podcasters and join us in Josh’s healing process.

Intervention Moderator:

Intervention Participants:

Intervention Target:

The music featured was Adhesion’s “Float Up from Depth” found on the Podshow’s Podsafe Music Network

This intervention was recorded over Skype.

Warning: This episode is tagged Explicit. It is intended for adult audiences.