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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Feb 20, 2009

Collateral is a production of the Accidental Survivors. You can hear more episodes of the Accidental Suvivors at Libsyn.

All music provided by Mindscape Music.

Collateral 01 - Finding a Gaming Group

Walt Robillard won the Accidental Contest with his proposed campaign setting "X-Roads Chronicles. Congratulations Walt and great work!

The campaign journal up on Sword's Edge Publishing.

You might want to subtly indicate your gamer tendancies in social networks like Facebook.

Meetup is a useful resource. You might be able to join a group like the Toronto Area Gamers or even just to contact people looking for games.

Forums like EN World and RPG Net often have link up services like Gamers Seeking Gamers or Gamer Gatherings.

Look for forums local to your area. The Accidental Survivors forum is focused mostly on Kitchener-Waterloo gaming.

Online classified services like Kijiji often have local listings.

Look for gaming stores or comic stores in your area.

Universities often have gaming or SF clubs, like Watsfic.

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