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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Mar 31, 2009

Collateral is a production of the Accidental Survivors. You can hear more episodes of the Accidental Suvivors at Libsyn.

All music provided by Mindscape Music.

Collateral 05 - System vs. Setting


the Gumshoe system

True20, a version of the d20 rules. You can find the Revised Edition here.

Spycraft 1st Edition was adapted from d20, so its kind of like D&D Espionage.

Savage Worlds, look for the Explorer's Edition if you can.

Burning Wheel


Articles on System and Setting from Setting Matters, and When System Matters.

Episodes on Pulp Gamer: Mechanics Matter, and More on Mechanics.

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Berin Kinsman
over ten years ago

Thanks for the shout-out! Good show! I liked Cashew\'s advice, too.

over ten years ago

Been enjoying Collateral and agree with everything you have brought up. Well done Fraser! I do have a question what advice would you give for someone who is trying to sell a different game/system to other players?