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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Mar 20, 2009

Collateral is a production of the Accidental Survivors.

All music provided by Mindscape Music.

Collateral 04 - First Game Considerations

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over ten years ago

Another useful one!

Concerning quiet or shy players, it\'s not good to put them right by the GM. Naturally the GM makes the most eye contact with whoever\'s directly opposite them (rather than turning around a lot), and whoever has eye contact with someone speaking when they finish speaking, that person\'s much more likely to reply than others sitting around.

If you leave the players to sit wherever they like, you\'ll notice that the loudest and most active players sit opposite, and the quiet/shy ones close to the GM... like they want protection or something.

So put the quiet/shy players opposite the GM, and the loud ones right next to the GM. This is especially true if the table\'s a rectangular one with the GM at one short side.