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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Congratulations to Fraser and his family!

Jan 29, 2009

Congratulations to Fraser and his family!

Their new baby girl, Eun-Hye Fiona, was born in Ottawa at 13:35 weighing 8 lbs 7 oz on Wednesday, January 28th. That's a goodly sized little girl!

We here at the Accidental Survivors Secret Underground Control Room extend our fondest wishes and our biggest, heartiest congratulations to Fraser, his wife, and big sister Christina. All the best!


Amanda & Zoe
eight and a half years ago

Fraser you probably don't remember my little bear Zoe and myself, but we met A WHILE ago at a park on Lisa/draper/baseline. lol.

THIS IS A WAY BELATED POST, but not having the internet and then losing your card, THEN getting the internet then a year later FINDING your card...*WHEW* long story short, you first daughter was lovely and i am sure your second daughter will be just as charming and sharing.

Wishing all of you just enough *^^*

Zoe and Mama.

Lord Z
almost ten years ago

Who gave you permission to breed?

Congratulations F-bomb & clan!

Charles Tan
almost ten years ago

Congrats Fraser!