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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Jul 2, 2016

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Episode 112: Farewell
This will be the last official episode of the Accidental Survivors.

    * Chuck is drinking Svedka Vodka in his vodka tonic.
    * Kirin is drinking Pilsner Urquell.
    * Rob is drinking Mill St. Organic Lager.
    * Fraser is drinking Whitewater Brewing Co. Class V IPA.
    * Let's not forget that Innis & Gunn Rum Cask is the unofficial official beer of the Accidental Survivors, and it's beauty and legacy remain unsurpassed.

    Things of Which We Speak
    And there are a lot of them!
    * Kirin isn't the first one to think it was innocent gun.
    * The Accidental Survivors recorded a bunch of Gen Con episodes.
    * This podcast bascially led to our discovery of Dino-Pirates of Ninja Island.
    * Who is that Luke Meyer guy?
    * Fear the Boot is up to episode 405!
    * You can still find Dragon's Landing Inn.
    * Blogspot still has Gamer: the Podcasting.
    * Kirin loved the Conan episode.
    * Rob really liked our very fist episode on Mr. Bond.
    * Fraser liked Writing an Adventure and Mad Max: Fury Road.
    * Our super-hero episodes started with Four Colour to Ashen Gray.
    * Most downloaded episode was Illegal Aliens which also discusses Rowdy Roddy Piper.
    * Our GenCon 2008 recordings started with Rob and Fraser's Excellent Adventure.
    * Gen Con Survivors from 2011.
    * And when you put G.I. Joe in Brussels, Chuck loses it.
    * SEP's first release was Raid on Ashkashem.
    * Rob really likes the covers for Covert Forces Redux and Canada's Combined Security Reconnaissance Section, but absolutely loves Nefertiti Overdrive.
    * The CottageCon madness started CottageCon RapFest Part One.
    * Lachlan recommends the Miskatonic University Podcast, the Good Friends of Jackson Elias, and Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff.
    * Since unshackling himself from our sad little clique, Chuck has joined Mayfair Games.
    * My simple system special operations game started with "Direct Action: OP NOMOS – Setting the Scene".

    * If you want to contact us, you can email us individually at,, and
    * You can find us on Twitter as AccidentalFrase, Accidental_Rob, and AccSurvPodcast.
    * If you're part of Google +, you can check out our page.