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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Oct 15, 2010


WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors Episode 55: CottageCon RapFest, Part Two; The Deuce.
Sword Noir, beer, Kiss my Axe, Thirteenth Warrior, beer, the Rape Moose, Omar Sharif and more.

Here's what we blabber on about;




over eight years ago

Sorry about that. The comments are moderated. We got 102 spam comments to your 3 real comments, so I hope you'll forgive our paranoia. ;)

over eight years ago

I couldn't post on the 13th Warrior page or the one where you ask about commentary suggestions. I hope you are still up on doing more. Brotherhood of the Wolf would be nice. I don't think there are any for it on Zarban yet.