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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Jun 25, 2012

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

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Drink Check!

Rob is drinking a Tim Horton's coffee

Chris is drinking an Innis & Gunn Rum Finish

Fraser is drinking pure Ottawa water

John is drinking an Innis & Gunn Rum Finish as well!

Episode 76: Fraser's Back and There's Gunn'a Be Trouble

Fraser's back in the country after his soujourn to the motherland, so we get together to chat about general stuff. Innis & Gunn is now officially the official beer of the podcast!

Watch for giveaways of Innis & Gunn swag and The Dungeon Survival Handbook by Wizards of the Coast.

Fraser talks about Africa, including a hotel called The Tribe, Nairobi National Park, The Rift Valley Institute and not eating the street food.

We talk about D&D Next and the recent playtest documents. D&D Next has opened up a telephone hotline for all of your D&D Next questions, concerns and stories about your half-elven fighter / magic-user.

Rob and Chris gush about Marvel Heroic Roleplaying from Margaret Weis Productions.

We talk about Iron Sky, John Carter, a little bit about The Avengers and Prometheus.

Rob discusses playing Forbidden Island with his kids and the alpha release of the DayZ zombie mod for ARMA II.

We also briefly mention HammerCon and CottageCon.



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