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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Dec 3, 2012

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Episode 81: CottageCon 2012 Part 2, Wrap-Up

    * Darcy is drinking Creemore Springs.
    * Sean is drinking StoneHammer.
    * Drew is drinking Coke Zero.
    * Chris is drinking Waterloo Dark.
    * Other Chris is drinking Dr. Flave.
    * Rob is drinking Mill Street Stock Ale.
    * This does not mean that we have forsaken the official beer of the Accidental Survivors: Innis & Gunn Rum Cask, which remains unsurpassed for pure awesome.

Things of Which We Speak

    * Fiasco, Keepin' on Keeping on the Borderlands
    * 7 Wonders
    * Race for the Galaxy
    * Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
    * A playtest of Fraser's upcoming new game, Centurion
    * Playtest of D&D Next
    * Movie watching: Brotherhood of the Wolf
    * Movie watching: Raid: The Redemption 
    * Sons of Anarchy
    * Multiplayer Minecraft Tekkit mod where you're not allowed to play together
    * CottageCon, in general
    * Borderlands 2
    * The Brilliant Gameologists not podfading
    * Fraser's laughter

This is an wrap-up discussion about CottageCon. Joining us at the table are Darcy, Sean, Drew and Other Chris.


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