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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Nov 8, 2013

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Episode 89: Back in the Saddle

Things of Which We Speak

GenCon 2014 – "I'm going to go every other year, every year." ~Chris

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD - "It doesn't seem like the alien invasion that pretty much wiped out New York had much of an impact." ~Fraser

Arrow – "For me, as a whole, the show works really well together." ~Chris

The Actual Play Festival from Josh Jordan - A celebration and contest for actual play gaming episodes

Pacific Rim – "Like when they were walking across the ocean – what were they standing on?" ~Chris  "Smaller monsters?" ~Rob

Elysium – "It's got a lot of really cool things in it, but they were trying too hard to be too serious." ~Fraser

Lone Ranger – "Wow, you just took everything that was awesome from my childhood, rolled it up into a little ball and shoved it up my ass." ~Chris

Man of Steel – "Spoiler alert: Clark Kent becomes Superman." ~Rob

World War Z – "That movie is so full of coincidence and serendipity. I was like, come ON." ~Fraser

Iron Man 3 – "Shane Black, he was huge in the 90s, then he did Kiss Kiss Bang Bang… but yeah he did Iron Man 3 and I was a little apprehensive, but he did a good job." ~Fraser

Hammercon V


Farewell, Something Lovely

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