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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Apr 4, 2007

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
sponsored by Sword's Edge Publishing
Podcast music is "Red Rock" by Mindscape Music

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1. News & Views
The Accidental Survivors are on MySpace
Gen Con Trade Day, thanks to Daniel at the Gamer Traveler for the scoop
Great Canadian Baycon, thanks to Raptor from the forums for the link
New Highlander RPG being produced by Margaret Weis Productions using the same system as Serenity
Green Ronin's Black Company
Adamant Entertainment's Imperial Age
WotC's Star Wars SAGA edition

2. Feature - Been Caught Scene Stealing
Blade Runner and the Roy Baty chase.
Kill Bill Vol 1 and the Crazy 88s
Accidental Survivors Episode 002: Kung-Fu Fighting
The Warriors
Spider-Man and the fate of Uncle Ben.

3. Inspiration
As above, with reference to:
Sin City and the Marv story "The Hard Goodbye"

4. Podcast News
A)Horror on the Orient Express Audio Game - Full Steam Ahead!
For those who enjoyed Yog-Sothoth's last Call of Cthulhu audio campaign, the Masks of Nyarlathotep, well here's the beginning of a new one for 2007. The Bradford players have got on board the Cthulhu train again as they make their way into the classic Horror on the Orient Express campaign from Chaosium.

The episodes are available in MP3 format, but this time are released in even higher quality, 96KBPS stereo (twice that of before) and feature 3D Surround Sound, so you can hear where the players are around the games table, as if you were in the middle of it all. (Try Episode 01 on headphones for full effect.)

So, feel free to follow along as the new party receive a phone call and an old friend asks a small favour...

You can find a selection of materials in support of the audio game via: including handouts, party photos and initial character sheets, so jump on board! You can find more information at

B. Pulp Gamer posts report of Games Expo 2007
Don Dehm walked the floor at Games Expo 2007 gathering information you can hear at Pulp Gamer. There are interviews with a number of influential members of our industry, including Mark Simmons, Klaus Teuber, Guido Teuber, and Peter Adkison. You can hear it all at Pulp Gamer at

5. Feedback
Looking for games? Some ideas are:
EN World has a Gamers Seeking Gamers section at
For D&D or d20, Wizards has an RPG Gamer Classifieds at
There's the RPG Registry at
There's Access Denied, which got one or two of the Accidental Survivors together at

Salcor mentioned Succubus Justice

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6. SEP News
Get ready for Covert Forces Redux. It should be out the second quarter of 2007.

SEP will be part of Your Games Now April Customer Appreciation Giveaway.