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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Apr 29, 2007

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
sponsored by Sword's Edge Publishing
Podcast music is "Red Rock" by Mindscape Music

1. News & Views
Walt Robillard (Kroh on the Forged RPG forums) and Dominique Sumner (DSumner) will be deployed to Iraq soon. We want to take the opportunity to wish them both well and let them know we will be remembering them in our prayers or in our thoughts
Stalker: Shadows Over Chernobyl and a review
Talisman comes to your computer

2. Feature - Four Colour to Ashen Gray: Superhero Campaigns
Guardians of Order's Silver Age Sentinels
Accidental Survivor's Episode 006 - Group Cohesion

3. Inspiration
The Invisibles
Suicide Squad
Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

4. The Hook
Courtesy of Rob.

5. Podcast News
Paul Tevis' "For A Few Games More"

6. Feedback
You can email us at

You can hop on over to our section at the ForgedRPG forums at

You can call or fax us at 206-222-2519

You can leave us an ODEO.

7. SEP News
Covert Forces Redux has entered the editing stage. The pics have been compiled. Once the editing is finished, it'll head to layout and you should be seeing it in the second quarter of this year.

Work has begun on Election Day, an adventure for release through the "Modern Dispatch" subscription package, and through SEP. This is a short adventure set in Albenistan.

The writer of Treasure Chest Unlocked: Gems, Craig Churchill, has handed in some rough drafts for Treasure Chest Unlocked: Incense. It is still in the early stages, but all indications are promising.

No Bloopers this time due to time constraints. There weren't that many good ones anyway.

eleven and a half years ago

I just wanted to point out that the \'90\'s RPG Underground is/was Marshall Law without the license so much so that the main artist for Marshall Law did the cover for the main game and included some of the characters from the graphic novel.

almost twelve years ago

Dude, you should have heard it BEFORE I edited it (and sneezed all over it, but that\\\'s neither here nor there). Don\\\'t make me release the 8 hours of unedited recording! Most of it is Rob singing (as the Shieldmaiden of Rohan), so I\\\'m warning you now.