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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

May 19, 2007

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
sponsored by Sword's Edge Publishing
Podcast music is "Red Rock" by Mindscape Music

1. News & Views
South Korea plans code of ethics for robots
Lucas thinks Spider-man 3 is "silly"
Canadians Overpay Millions on Copyright Tax
Video Games Turn 40
YouTube wants meeting with U.S. military on Web ban


2. Feature - Spandex and Trenchcoats: Superhero Characters
Guardians of Order's Silver Age Sentinels
Marvel Super Heroes RPG
Fear The Boot
Ten techs that give you superpowers

Pulp Gamer

3. Inspiration
The Captain
Daredevil, especially the Born Again era
Black Bolt
Iron Man

4. Podcast News
A) 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction and Pulp Gamer have both recently interviewed Chris Pramas

Why is this important? Listen to Accidental Survivors Episode 8 (Chainmail Bikini) and listen to Mr. Oh-So-Superior ridiculing the correct pronunciation of Green Ronin. Check out the interviews if you think I'm lying. Mr. Pramas did some research, and there is a correct way to pronounce the name, which Rob apparently does not know.

The 2d6 Feet episode can be found at the Pulp Gamer episode can be found at

B) The Dragon Page: Cover to Cover
Probably everyone else in the podosphere has heard of this show before, but I have only recently caught on to it. I learned about it from Mike Stackpole's The Secrets Podcast. Cover to Cover is all about fantasy and science fiction literature. There are interviews with authors and industry insiders and lots of related chatter. Lots of interesting stuff for those of us out there who enjoy our spec fic lit.

5. Feedback
Marcos, we did not abandon you! We shall indeed discuss your email soon, but until that episode, everyone can discuss it at the Accidental Survivors' forum

You can email us at

You can hop on over to our section at the ForgedRPG forums at

You can call or fax us at 206-222-2519

You can leave us an ODEO.

6. SEP News
Covert Forces Redux is in layout. The writing for Election Day is about three-quarters done. We are now looking at art for Treasure Chest Unlocked: Incense.

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