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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Jun 12, 2007

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
sponsored by Sword's Edge Publishing
Podcast music is "Red Rock" by Mindscape Music

1. News & Views
NASA opens space shuttle ride for the earthbound
Battlestar Galactica Ending After Fourth Season and Ron Moore's podcast
Rob has been re-reading the Marvel Star Wars comics.
Monte Cook's new World of Darkness game and the discussion at Forged RPGs
Dogs in the Vineyeard

Fist Full of Comics (and Games)

2. Feature - Running Superhero Games
Marvel Super Heroes RPG
Guardians of Order's Silver Age Sentinels tri-stat and d20
RPG Object's Blood and Vigilance
Palladium's Heroes Unlimited
Hero Games' Champions
Dogs in the Vineyeard . . . again.
WotC's d20 Modern
Green Ronin Publishing's True 20
Evil Hat Productions' Fate
Grey Ghost Press' Fudge
Evil Hat Productions' Spirit of the Century

Mike Stackpole's "Fortress Draconis"

3. The Hook
This is stolen directly from Nextwave: Agents of HATE, but it also has a touch of the Nick Fury vs. SHIELD mini-series: Your group is part of a government covert (or overt) detachment assigned to ferreting out an evil terrorist plot. You are far more successful than anyone anticipates, and you actually uncover the power behind the plot: it's the very organization for which you work.
The organization may have been have been infiltrated long ago and slowly turned to become a tool of the terrorists, or perhaps the terrorist group is a creation of your organization, either wittingly to increase funding and support from the government or unwittingly as a black propaganda project that went wrong. Whatever the case, your bosses are the ones also running the badguys. Now, in order to stop a fiendish terrorist plot, your group has to go underground, use your organizations' assets against it, and destroy this threat to world peace.

4. Podcast News
A)GAMA Retailer Seminars Available Online from Pulp Gamer
The first of the seminars recorded at the 2007 GAMA Trade Show has just been released and is now available without charge. Pulp Gamer, a podcast provider specializing in non-electronic games,recorded the seminar tracks and will continue to release them on a regular schedule. They are available through iTunes, other leading podcast directories, and

The seminars are designed to aid new and growing retailers. Topics range from the management and marketing of one store to managing multiple stores. Making these seminars freely available extends the reach of the GAMA Trade Show and will help a larger audience of retailers. With business ranking as one of the most popular podcast directories, the seminars will be reaching beyond the borders of the game industry and provide a service to other small businesses.

The GAMA Retailer Seminars are available at

B) Michael A Stackpole podcasts his novel "Fortress Draconis"
The epic fantasy novel "Fortress Draconis" is now a podcast, coming to you in weekly installments, read by the author, Michael A. Stackpole. Mr. Stackpole has been very active in podcasting, as well as being a prolific author who has New-York Times best-sellers to his credit. His podcast "the Secrets" is essential listening for aspiring writers. "Fortress Draconis" offers a rare opportunity to hear an author reading the entirety of one of his works for free.

"Fortress Draconis" is available at

Also, don't forget the fantastic writers' podcast, I Should Be Writing, and the podiobook 7th Son from J.C. Hutchins.

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over eleven years ago

Hey Victor

We are aware of M&M, though none of us have any real experience with it. Thanks for the recommendation!

over eleven years ago

I don\'t know if anyone has mentioned it to you guys yet, but Mutants & Masterminds is a great d20ish supers system put out by Green Ronin. You guys need to check it out.