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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Sep 9, 2007

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
sponsored by Sword's Edge Publishing
Podcast music is " Redcap Rock" by Mindscape Music

1. News & Views
0one Games series "Dungeon Under the Mountain" and the free preview Rooms & Encounters: Black Idol.


Daniel Perez's new podcast, The Digital Front.

David Gallant/Roudi's blog, postMODERNIZED.

Sons of Kryos

2. Feature - Game Design
Design Notes
An EN World thread devoted to Modern 2.0
Fear the Boot and the Group Template document
West End Games version of the Star Wars RPG.
Prime Time Adventures
The first episode of the Fear the Boot game design series

All Games Considered

3. Inspiration
Chris Claremont
CBC Radio
Ultimate X-Men
Prison Break
The new Doctor Who
Walter George Bell's The Great Plague and The Great Fire
The War & European Society series
Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden
Philadelphia Inquirer and the original Black Hawk Down serial
the Black Hawk Down movie
The Medak Pocket by Carol Off

4. Podcast News
A) The Digital Front
Hosted by Daniel M. Perez, The Digital Front is a podcast that addresses the e-distributed tabletop gaming market, one of the fastest growing segments of the gaming industry. The show features news from e-publishers and e-retailers, as well as anything having to do with the market; interviews with publishers and retailers doing business in the e-distributed gaming market; reviews of digital gaming products for tabletop gaming done by ex-RPGnow Staff Reviewer Mark Gedak; and general editorials exploring the state of this segment of the industry, and where it is headed.

The show is scheduled to release new episodes on a bi-weekly basis, with the occassional bonus episode from time to time. The podcast is being produced by Highmoon Media Productions, a media studio and publisher of roleplaying games also owned by Mr. Perez.

b) The Return of DLI
One of the originals, the Dragon's Landing Inn is back with episode Chupa 83. The episode includes a new segment called the Dragon’s Landing IndieBrew, in which Chris Perrin from the Canon Puncture podcast will be providing semi-regular reviews of the best in Indie Games.

5. Feedback
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6. SEP News
Treasure Chest Unlocked: Gems has returned from layout. You should be seeing it soon!

Blutfahne an adventure for Blood & Relics. Nazis . . . I hate these guys.

David S. Gallant
almost twelve years ago

What a wake-up! I listened to this episode this morning on my morning commute. I miss you guys! Thanks for plugging the blog! Also, I finally have a working headset again, and a stable schedule, so if you ever want to have me back on the show...

Daniel M. Perez (The Gamer Traveler/The Digital Front)
almost twelve years ago

Hey, thanks for all the awesomely nice words, guys. You make me blush. :-)

I hope you enjoy the episodes coming up. And yes, there will be more Gamer Traveler, that one just takes longer to make.