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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Mar 16, 2008

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
sponsored by Sword's Edge Publishing
All music in podcast by Mindscape Music

1. News & Views
D&D 4e gets some play at the D&D Experience. Chuck says: "It doesn't suck!"

Dreamwalker: Revised. Initial thoughts, very cool and interesting. More later.

Steven Brust's free Firefly novel, My Own Kind of Freedom.

Gryphcon at the University of Guelph in Southwestern Ontario. Jeff Dunnett needs volunteers!

The Secret Lair

2. Feature: Franchise Fiasco
The Unit: add some vampires and werewolves for the Night Unit.

The Untouchables: add magic and rogue thaumaturges (say that three times fast) and you have the Uncharmables.

Spooks: add the supernatural and you've got Spooky.

Stargate: it's the 1880s, it's on Captain Nemo's island, and Earth is threatened by the hi-tech and/or magical denizens beyond it. This one didn't get a name.

International Detective Dragons from outer Space

3. Podcast News
A. FFoCaG, Your Source for Star Trek News!
FFoCaG has been accepted into Paramount Pictures webmaster program campaign for the upcoming Star Trek feature film being released 12.25.08. The guys at FFoCaG will be getting first hand news and information directly from Paramount to report via their website with other opportunities available down the pike as the release the date draws nearer.

Paramount is also tracking traffic between their site and the official Paramount site for Star Trek, so if you want to visit the official Paramount Star Trek site, do it through If you want the latest news, visit

B. The Secret Lair: not so secret anymore!
Chris and KJ who were two of the regular hosts on the late Roundtable podcast from the House of the Harping Monkey are back with the Secret Lair. These two villains crouch like spiders in their lair, waiting for the unwary. Ken Newquist, he of Nuketown Radio Active, has been captured and interrogated in episode 6. None can say who might be next. Perhaps you!

In order to prepare for their onslaught, I suggest you research their diabolical plans at

C. The Game That May Be: Mick just couldn't keep away
And the final piece in the Roundtable podcast puzzle has broken cover. Mick Bradley is soloing in the podosphere with The Game That May Be. In Mick's own words: What kind of roleplayer do I want to be? What kinds of games do I want to play, how do I want to play them, and who do I want to play them with? What tools are available to help me figure all that out, and to help me get where I want to go? Exploring the answers to those questions is what this site is about. It's my ongoing chronicle of my roleplaying life. Here's where I ponder, wonder, dream, wrestle, steal, and share. If you're interested, come along.

You can find Mick at

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