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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Jun 16, 2008

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
sponsored by Sword's Edge Publishing
All music in podcast by Mindscape Music

1. News & Views
Erik Wujicik died on June 7. The first RPG Rob ever purchased was TMNT and Other Strangeness!

The Air Force wants botnets of MASS DESTRUCTION!

4e, 'nuff said

Accidental Survivors RPG development forum

Chris Davies 4e review

Is it @$$ kickin' time? Get down and dirty with some Action Maneuvers!

2. Feature: Conspiracies
Skull and Bones
Montauk Project
That Government Warehouse!

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3. Inspiration Time
The Manchurian Candidate
The X-Files
Metal Gear Solid

4. The Hook

The PCs are drawn into a trip or mission to the town of Iana Sarat in Mondovia, a fictional state in Eastern Europe. If they are military or spies, they are assigned to a mission, if they are private individuals, they are either hired to escort a subject they will meet there, or the NPC is a friend or other acquaintance that calls on their aid.

Stories of lights in the skies and unexplained explosions the previous night meet the PCs. They meet Piotr Korensky, who is their contact. He indicates a belief that they are a “recovery team” with “Vulture.” He passes on a map and coordinates some 40 kilometres south west of Iana Sarat. Before he can explain any further, he is assassinated by a rifle shot.

The shooter, if captured, carries a letter stating “Provide assistance to RAVEN acting under orders. Recovery operation underway. OpCom VULTURE may intervene. RAVEN is to terminate this threat.” It is only signed “Majestic”

The map leads to a valley in the mountains where a strange aircraft has crashed. The occupants are not human. Here, the PCs meet Devoe, and he explains that they have been sent here through the machinations of Operational Command VULTURE, a secret military command created by elements of NATO and the Warsaw Pact in the 1960s to oppose the Majestic 12 conspiracy. Vulture adapts and then spreads alien technology, preparing to battle the aliens who have infiltrated Earth societies through the help of Majestic.

The PCs are now caught in the middle of the battle between the conspirators of Majestic 12 and OpCom VULTURE, possibly the saviours of humanity. Devoe can act as their contact and feed them information. But since this is the shadowy world of black ops and conspiracies, is VULTURE or Devoe really who they say they are? Is Majestic 12 really the threat Devoe states it is?

That’s up to you.

5. Podcast News
A. Penny Arcade + PvP + 4e = Good Times!

The folks at Penny Arcade and PvP sat down with WotC's Chris Perkins to play 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons (for some of them, it was their very first game of D&D). How did it go? Well, they recorded the entire session—which WotC is offering in episodic podcasts, along with comics commemorating the game!

You can find the podcasts at the Wizard's site. And don't forget Downloadable Content, PA's podcast.

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