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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Aug 19, 2008

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
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The GenCon Wrapup
Some of the awesome crews we met belonged to the following, in alphabetical order:

The Basics of the Game
Brilliant Gameologists
Canon Puncture
The Digital Front/Gamer Traveler
Fist Full of Comics And Games
Gamer's Haven
Order 66
The Podgecast
Pulp Gamer
This Just In From Gencon

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ten and a half years ago

That does clear up the David Faustino mystery, but Fraser is right: the con should have advertised his credentials. The blurb in the program mentions nothing about his work in or his passion for gaming. Although I feel somewhat bad about our wrap up, it\'s still funny.

And basically we were right about what the con was offering up. So, my big question is this: does the con generate profit?

Note: Rob would be the Ghost Hunter leg-humper who freaked us out during the witching hour on the way down to Indy. Yeah, great timing to start a \'do you believe in ghosts\' session.

ten and a half years ago

Luke, you pretty f#$&ing Chang podgester, thanks for stopping by. I think Gary heard your criticisms of Ghost Hunters and was calling to set you straight.

Note: I\'ve never watched the show, but Colin was verbally leg-humping it on the drive down.

ten and a half years ago

Hey Mark, thanks for posting.

Hygena, Feedback and Defuser made sense, given the Geek-centredness of the con. We read through the bio in the program for David Faustino and couldn\'t find anything there. Now that you\'ve told me, it makes a kind of sense, but that should be something the Con advertised . . . or he did . . . or someone.

Considering the Con paid for nothing, I\'m surprised Peter Mayhew made an appearance. Sad thing was, Canadian Fan Expo seems to have had awesome guests. Sucks to be GenCon this year I suppose.

ten and a half years ago


It was awesome meeting you guys. Best Canadians ever!

Mark \\\"Mistwell\\\" Cronan
ten and a half years ago

Hey guys, Mark \\\"Mistwell\\\" Cronan here, husband of Melody \\\"Hygena\\\" Mooney. I thought I would take a quick moment to answer your questions regarding the special guests this year.

The Con had virtually no budget for guests this year. They did not pay for airline flights, meals, or even to pick people up from the airport. Just hotel. So, the only people that attended were those who had a genuine appreciation for gaming (like Hygena, Feedback, Defuser) or who felt they would make money (Wrestler girls) or who lived close enough and had enough interest in the con to go.

David Faustino was at the con in the autograph area because he does voice-over work on video games, and he likes some gaming. I thought it was pretty funny that you went directly from \\\"why was David there\\\" into \\\"Wow lots of video games at the Con\\\".

Hygena had a great con, one of her best both financially and in terms of meeting fans and judging the costume contest. The Defuser and Feedback also had a great time, and both participated in events such as True Dungeon and Tower of Gygax.

Hope that answers your questions.

Mark \\\"Mistwell\\\" Cronan

ten and a half years ago

That makes 8!

Thanks for the kind words, Ed. It was awesome to meet the people behind the messageboard postings.

Ed (Ender_Melchior)
ten and a half years ago

Great episode, and awesome that I was mentioned! I hadn\\\'t really listened to you guys before GenCon, but you\\\'ve got a permanent listener now!