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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Sep 6, 2008

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
All music in podcast by Mindscape Music

1. Geek Week Ticket to Ride Card Game
On Spec

2. Feature - Post Apocalypso

Nuclear Holocausts like Mad Max, Planet of the Apes, Fallout, Darwin's World RPG, Gamma World RPG


Viral Holocausts like The Stand, Jeremiah /Star Trek OS: Miri, The Last Man, 12 Monkeys, Omega Man /I am Legend

Monster Apocalypses like Reign of Fire

Mystical (Nuclear?) Holocausts like the Dark Tower

Post Apocalyptic game resources on the intertubes include
PA Forge: dedicated to PA RPG games and focuses on development of resources for said games
Desolation Nation: A campaign for a PA game using D20 Modern rules. Great map resource!
The Ten Best PA Survival Vehicles: For kicks
3. Gear Locker
4. Podcast News
A) Dragon's Landing Inn is back
After a summer hiatus, the Dragon's Landing Inn is back. Episode 92 talks about the hiatus and initial thoughts on 4e. This one is a long one, clocking in at about 2 hours, but for those of us who have been jonesing for some DLI, it was a quick 2 hours. You can find Dragon's Landing Inn at

B) Spooky Outhouse
You've heard me talk about the Podgecast before, and here I am talking about it again. This time, it's in relation to Spooky Outhouse Productions, which is a production and marketing company anchored by some fine quality podcasts. Right now, Spooky Outhouse Productions includes The Habitual Insomniac, The Man Cast, Red Earth Saga, the Podge Cast, Story Shtick, Bear Swarm!, and Wapcaplets. Head on over to and see what's going on there. Join the forums, where you might just bump into a couple of Accidental Survivors, getting in on the forumy goodness.

I just have to say that Spooky Outhouse is Pretty F#$&in' Chang!

C) Vorpal Network
Fist Full of Comics and Games has always hosted some of my favourite podcasts, from the Inner Circle to the Monarch Comics Briefing. Now, the Fist Full of Comics crew has gotten together with the Tome Show and the Gamer's Haven to start the Vorpal Network. This is one sweet collection of high quality podcasts. Added to this is a geek news aggregator which also delivers tidbits to Twitter. I don't just love the Vorpal Network because my game from GenCon got a favourable shoutout on the first of the Main Feed episodes, I love it because its got a fair portion of my podcast fix all on one feed.

Got check it out at   If you want to contact us, you can email us at

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ten and a half years ago

Ethan: My bad. Fixed it. Apologies

ten and a half years ago

Vorpal Network was started by Fist Full of Comics and Games, The Tome Show, and The Gamer\'s Haven podcast, just to set the record straight ...

ten and a half years ago

Great cast, guys...and I\'m not just saying it because you plug Spooky Outhouse. ;)