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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Mar 24, 2009

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
All music in podcast by Mindscape Music

1. News & Views
Rogue Trader, a game of exploration and profit in the grim darkness of the far future of Warhammer 40,000.

Kazei 5 the anime-cyberpunk setting for Hero System 6th Edition and Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition.

Modern20 is in print.
2. Feature - Cyberpunk'd
Some of the things we talked about:

Literature like the Sprawl Trilogy, Snowcrash, and Jennifer Government.
RPGs like Shadowrun, Cyberpunk 2020/Cyberpunk, and SLA Industries.

Mass Media like Bubblegum Crisis, Blade Runner, and Ghost in the Shell

3. The Hook
Dark Cauldron: A hook for a modern or cyberpunk game, submitted by Chuck.
Dark Cauldron is the latest craze in online interactive gaming. In fact, it's so interactive and addictive that one client, a wealthy billionaire, wants you to take extreme measures to get his son away from the game, which he calls a cult.
As a cyberpunk adventure, the game takes place in cyberspace and the PCs will jack in remotely and attempt a rescue as fantasy avatars of their normal personas. They will find that the company that runs the game has dealt with "griefers" like them before, and has avatars with safety protocols disengaged to deal with them. The PCs will have to learn how to hack their avatars to be able to fight back, take out the cyberguards, then talk some sense into the boy they're trying to rescue.
As a modern adventure, the game takes place at a "cafe", where players sit back in specially made sofas looking up at large 3-d displays and taking "herbal drinks" (that are drugged) that enhance the experience. Again a physical conversation with the boy is impossible and the PCs must enter the fictional world of the game to make contact with him. And again, cyber-warriors in the game will try to stop them and are capable of inflicting real damage, thanks to the PCs' drugged state making everything seem real. Here, rather than hacking the game for better chances in combat, the PCs realizing they are being drugged and either getting off the substances, or spiking the guards' cocktails will help even the odds.
Either way, once their client's son is free, he tasks them to go after the game's servers, taking it offline, permanently.
This will be a much more normal adventure, with the PCs either using their tech savvy to permanently crash the game's servers, or their skill at breaking and entering to deal with the problem more directly, either through a well-placed bomb or perhaps something as low tech as a big sledgehammer.


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Hey You! Don't forget about Rogue Trader and Kazei 5, both of which should be hitting the street around GenCon 2009!