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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Jan 13, 2009

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
All music in podcast by Mindscape Music

1. Geek Week
Fraser's Christmas swag includes Rome Season 1  and Clerks II. Picked up A Magical Society: Silk Road from an Expeditious Retreat Press sale. Got Blood Brothers 1 on 1 Adventure as well. Got cheated out of $4,000 in a new work contract.

Chuck scored Dark Cloud 2  for Christmas, is playing Oblivion (again!), and watching DS9 from the beginning (again!)

Rob's Christmas swag included The Dark KnightCrichton's "Next" , an ice-cream maker, and another addition to his pewter LotR goblet collection. His birthday swag included a great book called Kirby: King of Comics. The holidays saw him playing some Pandemic, getting further into GTA IV, and reading Jim Butcher's Storm Front, book one of the Dresden Files.
2. Feature - Break It To Them Gently (when you tell them that I won't ever play that game again)
The Gamer Dad Weekly article that started all this is here.

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