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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Aug 2, 2009

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast

All music in podcast by Mindscape Music

1. News & Views
1. 12 to Midnight games is having a treasure hunt contest to publicize their new book, Buried Tales of Pinebox. This book contains 12 tales of Modern Horror by Shane Hensley, Jason Blair, Derek Gunn, Jess Hartley, Monica Valentinelli, David Wellington, Filamena Young, JD Wiker and some other unparalleled genius called Charles Rice. Head on over to for details.

2. Chris Davis steps back from RPGObjects for a year to focus on software projects. Vigilance Press is going to pick up the slack. Follow Chuck on his blog for all the exciting projects.

3. Go and check out Obsidian Portal. It's a site that allows you to set up a website for your tabletop rpg campaign for D&D or many other rpg systems.

4. A World of Warcraft Movie directed by Sam Raimi announced.

2. Feature - X-Roads Chronicles
Let's talk about the winner of our modern contest and soon to be published game setting. We've got Walt Robillard as a guest.

3. The Hook
Interception at the Ten Yard Line: The players are gang members or members of the modern Mob, who have been sent to Romulus to pick up a load of Seracaine, an exotic drug. During the ID Crossover back to Homeline, the Order Primus sets off a quantum bomb that screws the transport and brings the folks home and the product elsewhere. Crossroads' techs track the shipment (disguised as exotic foods) to Deadside. The players insist that they be allowed to go after it but are told to write it off as a loss by the IDC. The mob boss dishes out the name of a Crosser (Coyote - a person that deals in illegal ID travel) and the crew goes to Deadside to get the stuff back. They find that a Ride Gang (motorcycle gang) on the other side has scooped the shipment and have horded it for themselves. Can the players infiltrate the town of Little Mesa and get the drugs back? Can the recovery go off without the players getting dosed with radiation, sold into slavery by the ride gang, or being eaten by Gnashers (giant mutated dogs)?

4.Podcast News
A) Spooky Outhouse Showcase
I was lucky enough to join Ryan from Save Against Frostbite, Artemis from The Bear Swarm! Podcast, and Jonathan from Kicked in the Dicebags on the third episode of the Spooky Outhouse Showcase. The episode hasn't dropped yet, but I'll be shouting about it on the forums when it does. Keep your eyes on for more showcasey goodness. I hear they might be scraping the bottom of the barrel for their next episode.

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