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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Aug 12, 2011

Chris, Fraser, Brett and Rob drive through Indiana and Michigan, and talk about our trip to Gen Con, what we liked, what we didn't like, and what we may have liked. Also, Brett gets sprayed in the face by a sticky mess.

What we talk about;

We met a metric shit ton of cool people and ran into some old friends

Gears of War board game

Blood Bowl Team Manager gets sold out

Penny Arcade CCG

Ross Watson from FFG is a robot

Meeting cool people and gaming with strangers

ENnie-award winning Kirin Robinson (@koboldstyle) ran a Old School Hack game for us with Cory Reid (@barsoomcore) and Victor Wyatt (@vjwyatt)

Rob bought  Fiasco by Bully Pulpit Games and played it with Rob Justice from The Bear Swarm (@bs_rob)

Brett commissioned artwork of naked cat girls

Kiss My Axe and Sword Noir at Games on Demand rocked hard

What Happens in Indianapolis stays in Indianapolis, unless it's VD

Brett recommends Game of War (or The War Game)

Chris recommends the Five-Hour Energy Drink ("It's good stuff. I can't blink.")

Spoke with Gareth-Michael Skarka re; Far West ( and the upcoming Buckaroo Banzai RPG

We got to see Conan (1982) on the big screen, with a near gunfight in the theater

Rob played a press-only 4E game with @jennisodes and @Squach, among others, and got a bit of the scoop on the new Neverwinter Campaign Setting and new Encounters Season

Rob spoke with the guys from Smiteworks about Fantasy Grounds 2

Chris and Rob spoke with Nancy from TableTTop Games about their wicked-cool iGM iPad app (

Got to drool over GeekChique's Sultan gaming table, complete with IR-sensitive touch-screen display running D20Pro (

Taking our families to GenCon in the future, and GenCon's family-friendly options