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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

GenCon a Possibility!

Jun 20, 2008

So, it looks as though the Accidental Survivors - or, at least, a couple of us - may be going to GenCon this year. We're still working out the logistics, but we've gotten the all-clear on the home front, so now it's just figuring out time off at work and where we're going to lay our heads and then it's off to Indianapolis in August! With any luck you're going to get a chance to see Fraser, Rob and Colin (one of our early guest hosts) at Indy.

As exciting as attending the largest gaming convention in the entire universe is, we are equally excited to get to meet members of the RPG podcasting community. We are hoping to spend as much time as possible looking into new modern-themed RPG products, speaking to the publishers of them, and generally getting the word out to you, the listener, about them - we know you love to hear our opinions!

The Accidental Survivors are go!