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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Number 10 is In The Bag

Apr 18, 2007

. . . as they say.

Yeah, we're done recording episode 10, and it's in the editing stage now. Editing can be a lengthy process, so don't expect to see episode 10 up until the week of April 27.

Hope that's not too long of a wait. See you then!

Fraser Ronald
almost twelve years ago

Oh man, I don\\\'t think anyone could stomach an unedited ASP. Frightening. Besides, then I couldn\\\'t collect all the good stuff, put them at the end, and call them bloopers!

James M.
almost twelve years ago

27th?!? There\\\'s no excuse for that!!! You guys don\\\'t edit anyway, we all know that, so just cough it up! Seriously, though, keep up the good work, guys. I\\\'ll be waitig for 10 as it drops the day before my birthday. Thanks for the early present.