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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Feb 4, 2008

WARNING: Instances of strong language may offend some listeners.

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
sponsored by Sword's Edge Publishing
All music in podcast by Mindscape Music

This is a special episode, so there is no editing and not a lot of forethought. Be prepared. The live play episode, that which will be episode 22, is still coming. This special episode explains why we haven't done so yet.

1. News & Views
End of Warhammer RPG?

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2. Feature - Actual Without Play

Open RPG
Fantasy Grounds
Digital Adventures
Total Recorder
Screen Monkey
Google Docs
PC Gen
RPG Objects' Modern Character Generator
Pathguy d20 Modern Character Generator
Modern 20
Martial Arts 20
Gamer's Haven
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