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Episode 018: A Year's Retrospective

Accidental Survivors: the Modern Gaming Podcast
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1. News & Views
Check out Chuck Rice's new ransom/fundable project: Fantasci

Worldwide D&D Game Day

Scientists developing techniques to steer hurricanes

Dragon's Landing Inn

2. Feature - A Year's Retrospective
And there's a lot of talk about us.

d20 Action Maneuvers

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6. SEP News
Fraser sold another story, this time to Black Gate. Black Gate is a major market, and one that Fraser has been trying to crack since 2000.

With Christina (his daughter) taking up so much of his time, and wanting to focus on his fiction writing, Fraser is putting Sword's Edge Publishing on hiatus. The products will remain available at Your Games Now and Steve Jackson Games' e23. Support SEP and support this podcast.

The deal for Mundus Novit: the Changed World fell through as Silven Publishing closed up shop, but Fraser is polishing it up and seeing about a partnership with another publisher to get it out.

Rob has spawned again. Soon the Wakefield brood will blot out the sun!

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Special Episode 003 - Planet of the Apes Rant It started out as a rant about the Planet of the Apes movie by Tim Burton, and it became so much more.

This Special Episode is to hold you over until episode 018, which will be our retrospective on a year with the Accidental Survivors. If you want to comment on your year with the Accidental Survivors, you still have time to contact us at

See you soon.
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