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Players Options; Heroes of the Feywild, The Opening.

Rob spends some quality time with a package from Wizards of the Coast, inside which he finds a copy of "Players Options; Heroes of the Feywild". Come with us on this magical journey as he flips through the book for the first time, gets confused about what he's looking at, and eventually collapses on the ground in a drunken stupor, babbling on about faeiries and dump trucks.

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WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Episode 66: Robin D. Laws

    * Chris is drinking Forty Creek Canadian Whiskey
    * John's drinking Makers Mark 46 Kentucky Whiskey
    * And then we lost just over seven minutes of content

    An Interview with Robin D. Laws
    * Hillfolk
    * Esoterrorists
    * Hamlet's Hit Points
    * the Worldwound Gambit
    * Campaign Cartographer
    * Over the Edge
    * Gurps Fantasy II: The Mad Lands
    * My little contribution to OGL Dwarf Books
    * Pierced Heart
    * New tales of the Yellow Sign
    * the King in Yellow
    * Feng Shui
    * TIFF reveiews
    * Ashen Stars
    * Hero wars
    * Glorantha
    * Heroquest
    * Grand Theft Exodus at Kickstarter

    Other Things of Which We Speak
    * Medieval Warfare magazine
    * Le Havre
    * Aki Kaurismäki
    * Into the Abyss
    * Werner Herzog
    * Cave of Forgotten Dreams
    * Hugo
    * Martin Scorcese
    * Immortals
    * Tarsem Singh
    * The Fall

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