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Episode 96: Talking to Meg about Pack the Pack

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Episode 96: Talking to Meg about Pack the Pack

  • Chris is drinking a wierd cocktail of Starbucks coffee, an energy drink, and some kind of fish paralyzer
  • Meg is not drinking anything
  • Rob is drinking water – what the hell is going on here?
  • Fraser is drinking Muskoka Detour

Things of Which We Speak

Pack the Pack, returning to a Kickstarter near you

Games by Play Date's website, or check 'em out on Facebook.


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Collateral 35: Fear the Living

Collateral 35: Fear the Living

Talking to John Jessop the creator of Fear the Living.

    Things of Which We Speak
    * The Fear the Living Kickstarter
    * Fraser was drinking Muskoka Detour
    * John was drinking Masquerade Columbia Valley Viognier

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    * You can find us on Twitter as AccidentalFrase, Accidental_Rob, and AccSurvPodcast.

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