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Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Dec 27, 2017

WARNING: Instances of very strong language may offend some listeners.

Ottawa Game Publishers Podcast

Episode 19: A System For Every Occassion?

    We are:
    * Mark Richardson of Green Hat Designs.
    * Jason Pitre of Genesis of Legend Publishing.
    * Todd Crapper of of Broken Ruler Games.
    * Joshua Kitz of of Composed Dream Games.

    * All our games can be purchased at the Composed Dream Games RPG Marketplace.

    That of Which We Speak
    * Places to distribute your games:
    * GURPS
    * Rifts/Palladium
    * RuneQuest/Basic Roleplaying
    * Glorantha
    * d20 System
    * Call of Cthulhu
    * Boot Hill
    * Star Frontiers
    * Gamma World
    * Tunnels & Trolls
    * Fate
    * Powered by the Apocalypse
    * Universalis
    * Heroes Unlimited
    * Champions
    * Big Eyes Small Mouth
    * Cortex System
    * Cortex Plus
    * Savage Worlds
    * Deadlands
    * Forthright
    * Fiasco

    * If you're part of Google +, you can check out our page.